something like fate


Things to look forward to in October
1. Halloweentown
2. Halloweentown 2 Kalabar’s Revenge
3. Halloweentown High
4. Return to Hallloweentown




I hope Louis made a banana joke. “I can’t wait to peel you out of that later.”

that’s louis’ response to harry’s ‘don’t you find this outfit apeeling’?


"It was quite odd when people were name-checking us in the same breath as all these legendary acts"- 1D Official Book App


Anonymous asked: eleanors just as obligated as louis is, they both signed a contract


*gasp* you dont say.
You know there is a big difference between Louis and Eleanor right? One of them has been involved in voluntarily and the other has not. Whether Eleanor is there or not; Louis is gonna be linked with a vagina haver under this team. So excuse me while i say Eleanor is not obligated to do anything she has not agreed to do with her own free will. She is not the root of the evil closet; but she is not exactly a person i would see as a victim; maybe a victim of her own repetitive choices. Thinking that Louis and Eleanor has the same amount of freedom when it comes to resigning the contracts and the efforts going on in the closeting is a bit unfair to Louis.

Charlotte ~ 27/9

Charlotte - 9/27

Philadelphia, 14.08

New Orleans, Louisiana | 25.09







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