something like fate


one day harry’s gonna show up pregnant with louis’ child and youre all gonna feel either really stupid or really affirmed

Just to recap what happened today →


@Louis_Tomlinson posted a picture of Louis with baby Ernest and we all collapsed on the floor.


But that picture was posted via Echofon, which is what Jay uses for Twitter, not Louis.



And Jay is on her honeymoon.


And Dan has previously said they…

Anonymous asked: Louis is out there sippin on cosmos in an expensive suit like he's starring in a sex in the city reboot...GOD LOVE HIM.


he is just outstanding

Anonymous asked: Pretty sure Eleanor had just the title of MoH but didn't do anything. The MoH is supposed to organize the hen party, but Eleanor wasn't there. twitter*com/JohannahDarling/status/48803039466384998 4 glasses, Jay, Giles, Sammie and Rachel (Jay mentioned them in other tweets she sent the same night)



Yeah must be in name only lol which makes sense given the age diff

I went to check the tweet so I could see for myself and it’s now gone!


remember when Louis thrusted so hard his shirt popped open

coz I do 


hope you enjoyed your cosmopolitans on Sunday. Good to meet you. From the @ crew x

I’m going to break my anonymity a teeny bit and admit something. My nightlife job is as a bartender.

This tweet telling the world louis drinks cosmos is SHADE.

While I don’t work in the UK, I’ve worked with many people from all over and there are some slang terms that many bartenders use describe customers to each other without getting in trouble for talking shit.
I wouldn’t say *everyone* uses these, but a lot of people do.

(Please note: drinking these drinks does not mean we bartenders think you are this person, but a rum & coke is still a rum &coke even if she’s drinking a vodka soda, or wine, or whatever.)

Rum & Cokes : trashy, loud, tip badly
Jagerbombs: happy, but messy. Looking to get wasted.
Rye Manhattans: attractive older men who have excellent bar grace while prowling for action.
Beer and shot girl: badass and cute
Long Island ice teas: underage
Cosmo guy: gay

So yeah. They’re pointing out that they think he’s gay.


23.7.14 Louis #1


so glad we have a new pic of louis and harry


Anonymous asked: Conflicts of the elounor photo they actually look like a couple yet he's wearing Harry's shirt!!!





Because they’re sitting next to each other with fake smiles?

Are you a smile expert? No.


eleanorj92: Maid of Honour & Best Man 💑💕

It doesn’t take an expert. Only basic social intelligence. Do you need to be shown photos of what a real smile looks like?

This is classic fake smile. It’s not rocket science, it doesn’t take an expert, it doesn’t take a phd.

Exhibit A: Louis posing with fans, Harry, the other boys, his mum, on candids and photoshoots, smiling.


Exhibit B: Louis posing with Eleanor: mostly selfies or private pictures. Smiling.


Smile expert, LOL. Try common sense, pup.

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